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Setup time Precalculation

Setup time Capacity

The set-up for scheduled capacity in hours or minutes is considered in capacity planning and throughput time calculation.

This setting has an effect on calculation of target time.

Mach+Labor Time/unit


Secondary, main time

See Concept Time types.

Quantity per Time

Time Unit

Unit of time in which times are stored – hours or minutes. The default can be stored in the options.

Resource Allocation

Operation active

Valid Period

In Precalculation Operation: Select the From - To dates of a validity period.

Use factor

Work steps

Works opposite to the use factor.

Idle Time


Overlap Limit

Scrap Factor

QC Inspection Plan

Number of Pay Slips

Information field – if applicable, for information on number or pay slip printouts.

Expand to Cost Elements

In Precalculation Operation:

Select the number of cost rates. The default is one cost element (processing time), which can represent a mixed calculation of machinery and personnel costs. Select the number of cost elements you are to use in Precalculation, update the window, and the selected cost elements appear in the Costs tab.

See more details in Costs.

Value Labor costs separately

In Precalculation Operation:

If this option is activated, a separate cost rate can be stored for personnel costs and the "Labor cost rate" field appears in the Cost tab.
See also Costs.


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