Capacity Planning

Administration > System Initialization > Configuration Wizard > Production > Capacity Planning

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PATH: Administration > System Initialization > Configuration wizard > Production.



Activate Capacity planning

Default calculation method


Click on the "Edit Priorities" button to configure the priorities

Production Start from time

Production End till time

Consider factory calendar for transit time

Consider factory calendar for idle time

If enabled, calculating idle time, the factory calendar (basis calendar) is considered.


The resource calendar is not considered. Independent of the available time, the resource calendar always has a time slot of 24 hours. By default, option is disabled.


Routing – Idle time

Resource – Transit time

beas9.0-000-003-006, kapalaytimecal (N)

Activate pool administration

Enable: Pool management is available to control the sequence in which operations are processed.

Disabled: Pool management and pool list are not available.

Pool calculation multiplier

A factor can be set in the production priorities.

This factor is multiplied by the number of days defined here. The value is used to "age" a position, allowing its priority to increase.



Introduction Pooling

Function Pooling, Scheduling


Overlap limit fix (only Forward Scheduling)

Activate APS

This setting activates APS and disables MS Project support.

Overwrite planning indicator

Scheduling options in beas, if work orders are marked as planned. Choice: Yes / Yes, after query / No

Additional information see Work order.

Pool list: shown only planned WO

If the option is activated only work orders which are set to planned are displayed in the pool list.

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