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The sequence of processing as well as the throughput time of the work orders is controlled via priorities.

PATH: Administration > Setup > Production > Priority.


Priorities affect capacity planning including throughput time calculation, as well as pool control.


Window basis_prioritaeten_browse.psr


You can use Window settings and Templates for the configuration.


In Item and in Work Order a priority can be stored. The higher the number, the higher the priority is. If a priority is stored in the order, it has precedence.

In case of multilevel calculation, the priority is passed on to the demand items.

Field Description




Unique identification of the material group.


Arbitrary text describing the priority.

Utilization in %

Transit time in %

Pool Factor


If this option has been activated, the order always has first priority, regardless of whether it can be produced.


You can define the default priority in Configuration wizard > Production > Create.

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