Creating windows with PowerBuilder

Step for Step description on How to Create a new beas Form.


- Powerbuilder 2019 -R2 (



A Form with Columns "Color" and "Color Description"

Following Steps are necessary for this new Form:


1. Choose type of Form-> Here Browser (Grid Layout)

2. and on Form where we can create, modify or delete one Data Record -> Type Edit



1. We need to have some kind of Data storage to keep our values. So we will use a Data Table.

Analyze what Data we need to store[Database Design], Create Initial Script for creating the Data Table

2. Create the forms

3. Create a menu

4. Script the forms. ( We need some functionality like Load , Edit, Delete and so on )


Database Design

Setup Powerbuilder

Setup Powerbuilder Workspace

Powerbuilder Options

Create Form Browser

Merge Form Browers into

Provide Form Browser with functionality

Create Edit-Form

Design Edit-Form

Merge Edit Form into beas