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This chapter describes the production module and all related functions. It is the largest and central module of Beas.


Important chapters:


Work order

Post calculation

External production


Quality control

Variant production

Factory data capture




youtube Webinar Production complete process

youtube Work order validation reporting, time receipts (Webinar, 2017/8)

youtube Different ways to create a work order (beas 9.2 PL: 05, 2017/6)

youtube Webinar: Adjustment user mistakes at the work orders 10/2017

youtube Managing disassembly items - negative BOM (9/2018)


Resevation, Issue,Receipt

youtube Reservation window

youtube Work with warehouse rules

youtube Work order Batch assign. Assign Batch numbers from an BOM Position to finish Product.

youtube beas cost determination, describe the valuation method from beas work order system




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