Material requirement planning

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Beas is equipped with an extended integrated materials management feature, optimized for practical application in production.


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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) enables you to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process. The requirement is computed, which arises from customer orders, work orders and forecasts. MRP calculates gross requirements at the lowest BOM levels by carrying down net parent demands through the BOM structure. Dependent levels might have their own requirements, based on sales orders and forecasts. Planned receipts from production, scheduling and reservations are taken into account.

The results of the MRP run are recommendations that fulfill gross requirements by taking into consideration the existing inventory levels and existing Purchase Orders and Production Orders. The MRP run also takes into account defined planning rules for Order Multiple and Minimum Order Quantity.

MRP2: Beas provides the possibility, to calculate both, material requirement and resource utilization for a scenario.


MRP is a stock planning tool.

For order related planning, please use the function Sales order to Production Order.


For complex scheduling you may use the MRP Wizard.


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