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PATH: Administration > Add-Ons > B1 Usability Package > B1 Usability Config.


With the Beas usability extension you can easily change the behavior and structure of windows.


For example Beas enables you to:


- Define buttons and right-click menu entries,

- Add new fields and objects or change them,

- Set input fields to "input mandatory",

- Hide fields etc.


The Beas Usability Package requires:

-  B1UP License (separate tool),

- Access rights to B1UP functionality (SAP user rights settings),

- Activation of Beas usability extension,


- beas 9.3 or later


see youtube Beas usability extension


The Beas Usability Package functions are available via:

PATH: Administration > Add-Ons > B1 Usability Package > Module Configuration > Beas Usability Extension Overview

- Right-click inside of a window > Click on the icon b1up-icon




Functionality Overview



Beas Usability Extension Overview

Validation Configuration

The New Validation button allows you to create a new functionality to determine when and what kind of functionality should be executed to validate your data.
You can add validation of data as per events and conditions which you can pre-configure in this window. See Validation Configuration.

Edit function buttons

Adds function buttons above, to the right, below or as a right-click entry.

Adjust Elements

Make this field mandatory

Hide this item

Make item read only

Item Placement Tool setup

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