is a fully integrated, Beas interpreter language. It is a simple language that is a part of the Beas manufacturing solution.

It can be used to change existing forms, create new forms, or change or create new business processes.



+ It was created with the first version of Beas

+ fully integrated

+ > 99% compatible to all older versions

+ wide-range functionality



- Syntax, problems with spaces, line fees and comments in wrong places

- No syntax control, no error handling



Questions and answers


Q: Do I need additional tools for developing BeasScript?

A: No, a Script editor is inside Beas.


Q: Do I need to install additional tools or programs to execute BeasScript?

A: No, the Beas Script interpreter is completely integrated.


Q: Must I be a programmer to use BeasScript?

A: No. Language is simple to use.


Q: Where can I execute BeasScript?

A: BeasScript can be executed ONLY inside the Beas Application. This is Inside SAP Business One, Beas standalone, Beas Terminal,  Beas WEB / Rest Services, Common interface and many other places.


Q: Do I have access to the SAP User interface?

A: Yes, many UI API objects are available.