Return codes

Every BSL call returns a HTTP Return Code



200 OK

A GET or function call request returns 200 OK if the operation is completed successfully. The response body must contain the value of the entity or property specified in the request URL.

201 ok

The request is successfully executed by POST/ PUT /DELETE method

204 No Content

A POST/PUT/DELETE command executed completely and return the "ok" without additional content (body is empty)


Not supported.


Syntax error in URI String


Login fail, wrong password (Login fail) or

Authentication is required and has not been provided. (Unauthorized)

404 Not Found

404 Not Found. Can be:

- Entity not found

- Function not found

- Resource (the Data record, defined in bracket) not found



Item("unknownItem")returns 404, if this item does not exist.

Item?$filter=ItemCode eq "unknownItem" -> returns 200 and a JSON string with "value":[] 



If the client does not support 404 for requests, you can change this with Property  "notFoundCode"


if this property is defined, in 404 case the system returns the http status code "200 ok" and the error code 404.



405 Method not allowed

A request cannot be used for this record or login not possible with this request type.

500 internal error

Internal error (SQL error, program error)

501 not implemented

Not implemented