addon connector

With the addon connector you can connect your own addon to beas.



Create an AddOn for SAP Business One and use the SAP UI Interface.


This interface does not allow other connected AddOns to communicate with your AddOn.

beas uses its own windows and an addon cannot use SAP UI interface to check beas events or to manipulate the beas front end.



The window event connector creates a bidirectional interface between the addon and beas.

No additional tools or objects are needed, the Windows Standard System can be used.


With the connector all beas window properties can be manipulated and beas script can be executed in the application.

For example, buttons, functionality on a button, work orders, time receipt and lot of more can be created.


To understand the concept, download an example.




To use the Test WindowEvent Connector:


1. Beas must be started only once.

2. Download and extract the example and execute beasAddonConnectorExample.exe.

3. Click Connect.

4. Insert a beas script on left side.


5. Disable "Return Result". This returns only 1 or 0 and it is not required.

6. Click on "Execute Script".
The result is displayed.

8. Click on "Disconnect".


youtube addon connector


Beas can also communicate with the AddOn.

app=external=<YourAddOnName>=<return text>

Insert this to beas directly, to inform the addon of special events or you can send this commands to beas. See first example:


hmtoggle_plus1Example: Button in a form
hmtoggle_plus1Example: Create a Button in a Beas form to fire a functionality in external Addon




hmtoggle_plus1Workflow to connect


hmtoggle_plus1Structure of a command


hmtoggle_plus1C# Example